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Nust is all that is and all that has been. It is Alpha and Omega.

Nust, it is the purity of gloriousness, it is the pinnacle of heroism and it is the height of poonslayerness.

When you are nust you have achieved the height of human evolution and ability.
When you are nust you possess aesthetics beyond a gods wildest dreams
When you are nust you are.... nust
Julian: Hey Nick
Nick: Yeah Julian?

Julian: I heard you really nusted that ashley babe the other day
Nick: Spose, I lose track of things when I'm this covered in nust
by TheGreatNust November 05, 2012
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bust a nut. swapping the letters which would be "nust a but" but shortened to nust. nust is the end all be all
Pussy p- "hey man, i saw you were with a slut last night, how did it go?"
Poondaddy- "it was terrible, i accidentally nusted in her instead of pulling out"
by nuster July 07, 2017
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the process of sharp pains in the pit of men's stomaches after being hit in the nuts
by Assitch March 12, 2004
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The dust like particles left behind after eating nuts.
"Wow look at how much nust is left after eating my bag of nuts!"
by Nusty Lewis Boii June 18, 2009
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a. Anything that has the property of nust or is nusty.
b. A smell that is somewhat unpleasant but only relating to the qualities of nust c. small fragments or tiny bits
1. Wow, it sure is nusty in here. 2. Aww, I just got some nust on my new A Team jacket.
by Jonas Schultz April 12, 2007
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