A movie about semi-anthropomorphic wolves made in 2010. So basically, an omega wolf, who's a complete jackass named Humphrey, and an alpha wolf named Kate, who's literally and figuratively a bitch get relocated to Idaho, and must get home before their packs wage death and destruction on each other. but they face many problems, such having get away from 3 bears who want to brutally maul them to death, an angry French guy who almost blasts them with a 12 gauge(with slightly better aim than a stormtrooper), a psychopath sadistic mom, and... not to mention the infinite amount of sexual jokes... this is a PG rated kids film?
Jackson: I saw Alpha and Omega today...
Marcus: What did you think?
Jackson: Its an R rated film in a PG movie's clothing
by BlenderThatBlendsThings November 13, 2016
I am the alpha and the omega

1337: 1 4m 73h 41ph4 4nd 73h 0m3g4
by 1337fr34k June 9, 2003
Possibly the greatest Halo tag-team ever to play the game. Rumored to have dropped out of Harvard University to play professionally in Japan.
Tyler: Wha'd you do tonight man.
Luke: Went to a funeral.
Tyler: Shit, what happened.
Luke: Well, my roommate lost so badly in halo to Alpha and Omega that he went back to the room, cut off his dick, and then sawed his face off.
Tyler: Sucks man... You want to go Double-team my girlfriend? She's passed out in my room.
Luke: Sure!
by Billy Dilter May 22, 2007
Code phrase euphemism for tits and ass. The most prominent features on a woman's upper and lower body. In other words, the first and last things you would most likely notice whenever a hot chick walks towards you(her breasts) and then away from you(her rear end).
Jon: Damn, John check out the well-endowed alpha and omega on that fine ass blonde walking over there by the shore.
John: Damn straight! I'd tap that any moment now!
Jon: Fuck yeah! Let's go pick her up!
by Terminus_Est December 1, 2011
The All-Around girl. From what I have seen they are diverse in their members. Alpha Chi's seem to be the only sorority girls that you could actually bring home to mom. They have girls who like to party and girls who don't, girls that have 4.0's, Miss America's, and just your typical girl next door. If I were to say, from my experiences with sororities, Alpha Chi Omega's have the most genuine class, character and easy going demeanor.
"Who's that girl over there?"
"She's an Alpha Chi Omega."
"That's the girl I am going to marry one day..."
by fratman101 October 2, 2011
A National co-ed Service Fraternity based on leadership, friendship, and service.
Alpha Phi Omega - the Fraternity with chicks!
by Big 'Ern November 24, 2005
Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw University in Indiana as the first sorority in the school of music. Today Alpha Chi is still going strong with some of the most beautiful and succesful women you can find, and are known for helping the community. Beauty, brains, and a good reputation...what more could you ask for. Famous Alpha Chi's include Trista from ABC's the Bachlorette, Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, and my personal favorite, Condoleeza Rice. A lot of jealous people make rude comments, but we dont care because we know we're destined for success
by Proud_Alpha_Chi April 1, 2005