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A girl with classic beauty. She's humble, compassionate, trusting, and loving. People admire her beauty from afar. Many people feel intimidated to approach her because she is a dream girl. She is shy and does not need a lot of friends to make her happy. Nusaybah is one of a kind. She knows how to make people smile and she when you get to know her well, her energy is contagious. Everyone needs a good friend like Nusaybah; someone so genuine and real. You will love to be around Nusaybah.
I want to be like Nusaybah
by Destiny45 January 06, 2014
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A Nusaybah is a really sweet person. She's always honest and has a good sense of humour. She's also naturally pretty...if you know a Nusaybah, friend her because she'll always be there for you <3
Her name is said like it's spelt (Nu-say-bah). Her name is beautiful.

Lots of boys have a crush on Nusaybah, she just doesn't know - she will only develop an interest in boys who are her type and who she just generally likes.

A Nusaybah is usually very smart at most things but there are certain things that she just won't pay attention to.

She takes a pride in her appearance and makes an effort when she needs to.
by TheNamesEmilyyy October 01, 2011
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Nusaybah is a good role model, always defending what she believes in
by TheNamesEmilyyy February 06, 2018
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