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An alternate way of saying nuts.
They don't like it? Well nurts to them!
by Felekar August 13, 2004
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An exclamation that alerts others to the presence of an unattractive person; antonym of "yurt."
One who sees a homely female in an unflattering outfit, to his buddies: "Nurt!"
by Joshua T August 19, 2005
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an expression used to exclaim "you nerd" or "you silly nerd" when a person behaves in a funny, nerdy way
person makes a joke about homework or makes a stupid silly mistake..."you nurt!" or "wow, you're such a nurt"
by korday October 06, 2010
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A nurt is an type of clothing. A nurt is also known as NOT A SHIRT. Therefore if you wear a nurt it might still be public nudity, but in fashion.
(Jessica)Can I wear my nurt mom?
(Mom) only if you wear a bra!
by Useless child May 11, 2018
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