A brothel.

Etymology: Since the Elizabethan era, nun has been slang for a prostitute (ref. William Faulkner, "Requiem for a Nun"), and a nunnery referred to a brothel.

See also: Abbess, Bordello, Brothel, Nun, Whorehouse
"Polly Adler, in her memoir 'A House is Not a Home,' tells of her time as the abbess of the Big Town's poshest nunnery."

Walter Winchell, 1953
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
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Where they make the nuns
"The Catholic hospital is located next to the Nunnery"
by Dr. Octavious Greenberg November 7, 2019
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Nunnery a building filled with chicks who pray all day long, and suck on whiskey bottles at night.
Let's go over to the nunnery, and convert the lesbians.
by Iam not Elmer Fudd February 26, 2020
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A) antiquated meaning: the female version of a monastery
B) a place where virgin girls past age 20 gather and socialize.
Why are you in a nunnery definition b) did you consider going to a nunnery definition a)?
by Sexydimma April 15, 2018
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An alternate word for jibberish thanks to autocorrect!
Sydney speaks more nunneries then she does English! 😂
by N.M.B.L. August 3, 2018
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1. slang for "whorehouse" in the times of shakespeare
2. a convent
by vernizzle August 10, 2005
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1: Slang term for convent; itz wea da nun's crib at.
2: The act of living your life in poverty, chastity and obedience. To act like a nun.
1:"It's right past that nunnery on the left."
2:"We don't take kindly to nunnery 'round here!"
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