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A brothel.

Etymology: Since the Elizabethan era, nun has been slang for a prostitute (ref. William Faulkner, "Requiem for a Nun"), and a nunnery referred to a brothel.

See also: Abbess, Bordello, Brothel, Nun, Whorehouse
"Polly Adler, in her memoir 'A House is Not a Home,' tells of her time as the abbess of the Big Town's poshest nunnery."

Walter Winchell, 1953
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
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A) antiquated meaning: the female version of a monastery
B) a place where virgin girls past age 20 gather and socialize.
Why are you in a nunnery definition b) did you consider going to a nunnery definition a)?
by sexydimma May 27, 2018
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1: Slang term for convent; itz wea da nun's crib at.
2: The act of living your life in poverty, chastity and obedience. To act like a nun.
1:"It's right past that nunnery on the left."
2:"We don't take kindly to nunnery 'round here!"
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a) (antiquated meaning): the female version of a monastery
b) (new and improved meaning): a coolidiculous name for a place where all north american girls who are virgin past age 20 regularly gather and socialize
since yolo and yodo are concepts relevant to modern north america, a nunnery under definition b) might also be a place where the women "serve a life sentence" for the simple "crime" of "being virgin past age 20"
by sexydimma May 14, 2018
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