A large hairy ball sac. If you stretch it out it may be used as a sail.
Noah: Man, that guy has a huge nunk.
by reidddd July 01, 2014
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Is an action verb meaning someone who cheats, lie, theft, finnes, trick, deceived
" this girl nunked everybody on social media by photoshoping her photos trying to make herself more thick then she is"

"That bitch nunked me out of my money"
by unknownmale2005 September 01, 2017
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Short version of "Nincompoop", but spoken in cheap Romanian English, as that of Leslie Nielsen in "Dracula, Dead & Loving It"
Ed: Hey Man, whatcha doon?

tweak: I'm gonna poke that bear with a knife, see what he does!

Ed: Dude, you're a Nunk. You're gonna pay hard for that!

tweak: What do you know? *scream* ~bear belches~
by Mr. $mithers August 05, 2009
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Idiot. From the Star Trek character Nunk, Played by Michael William Rivkin.
the man's a nunk if he think's there's any such thing as a free lunch
by kent pete April 27, 2006
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A ferocious dunk of a basketball. This dunk is not just an average dunk, but it is the act of shaming your opponent by way of viciously jamming the ball thru the rim. Whether it be pure strength or leaping ability, a nunk requires more physical gifts than a regular dunk.
Dirk Nowitzki had a nice dunk last night, but did you see the monster nunk LeBron James threw down?
by HoopsFan February 11, 2010
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