The terrain that is found in between the nuts and the penis, thus forming the work "nunis"
-Dude noo way he just put his nunis in your face!
-shut up before i fart down your throat.
by Stephen "papa" Youngerman April 03, 2004
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A small bar in western michigan where the pickings are slim. Locals can be found here drowning their sorrows at all hours of the day. Formerly referred to as the nunica gun and knife. If your looking for class the I-96 eastbound on ramp to grand rapids is not far from the establishment and you can find much more enjoyable festivities there.
Hey im depressed and lonely let's go to the nuni.

Hey i have low self esteem tonight let's go to the nuni so I fit in.
by wsmith28 March 29, 2011
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a nuni is a lame extra loud aynnoing person that sits on a computer all day
today i stood home and pulled a nuni.
by jon jacob jinger hinger smith February 15, 2009
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