Numa Numa is a video that originally debuted on and has become an internet trend virtually overnight. It features the lipsynching talents of Gary Brolsma singing Dragon Din Tea by the foreign pop band Ozone.
by Lord of the Internet March 23, 2005
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A fucking annoying song that when you listen to it you start to think that Limp Bizquit sound good, the song got famous by some fat greaseball turkey troath bitch, you may think this post is hatin, but its reallysaying the truth, and cmon the video of that lard ass is really gay and boring, its not funny at all
by enrique March 16, 2005
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a kidd that you have to serve with and who has a laughing contest with himself
iam havin a numa numa day
by drake gould July 14, 2007
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N. (pl) Any really annoying Euro Trash songs, people, ideas, countries etc.
by Nathan Burns September 14, 2006
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a flash video submitted to newgrounds on december 6th, 2004. it scored relatively low, until site owner tom fulp put it on the front page. it then achieved major success as a hilarious flash video, and although it gained this success too late to win any awards, it still gained a score higher than 4.10 since december it has achieved more than a million views. it has been featured on vh1, cnn, and stolen from newgrounds by at least 80 other websites. and this is only after 2 months (this definition was written on 2/13/05). it is a flash phenomenon sure to beat out all your base.
the song used in numa numa dance is entitled Dragostea Din Tea, sung by romanian pop group O-zone. killer.
by thegreatmonkey February 13, 2005
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The newest Internet celebraty, in the same vein as Bubb Rubb and Star Wars Kid.

A chubby teenager sings and dances to "Numa Numa," a techno song by a Romanian boy band O-Zone. The "Numa Numa Dance" peaked in early 2005.
Myahe, Myaha, Myaha HA HA
Allo? Salut.
by Jake February 28, 2005
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