A person, male or female, from Continental Europe who spends most of the time partying and jet-setting around the globe in the most conspicuous (sometimes rude) manner to seek fun and sunshine. Often seen sporting fashion from designer hoses like Versace and Dolce & Gabanna with bold colors and animal prints. Too tanned and always adorned with excessive 18 K gold jewelry and sunglasses. Far from subtle and often newly rich. Eats caviar and drinks champagne like water just because they're expensive while having no idea or appreciation whatsoever.
If you want to see a bunch of Euro Trash, Try Hotel du Cap's poolside during July.
by 1A May 5, 2008
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They rented a piece of Euro Trash, that managed to carry them around the country, but pressing half the buttons only caused things like mirrors and door handles to fall off.
by Pantaloon January 9, 2008
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Anyone from the urban german techno scene who wears sunglasses at night
I have to get to Stutgart to see David Hasselhof live, ya?
by MCwhitefish May 7, 2003
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Someone who has no class or style, usually European but sometimes other people can be called that. usually wear very bad suits bright clothing and sunglasses.
Look at John with his sunglasses on at 12:00 am, he must be Euro Trash
by DucoNihilum December 22, 2004
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a male, probably balding, with an expensive german sports car (preferably a convertable) who wears a tremdous amount of cologne, surrounds himself with other european men, likes to dance (like a girl mind you), speaks with a thick french accent and is extremely pompus
To truly understand EURO TRASH: think austin powers meets elvis meets Ru-Paul meets sean connery meets pepe le peu
by allyson123 November 18, 2006
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A mildly derisive term used by North Americans. Refers to Europeans who: speak broken English, wear gaudy clothing that is probably fashionable where they come from, but isn’t here; wear a severe amount of cologne and always dress like they are about to go to nightclub (even in the middle of the day); wear lots of inappropriate leather (especially leather pants), listen to bad electronic music, and rock lots of ugly-metallic jewelry. This term is usually only applied to dudes, because foreign chicks can have off style and still be hot.
Heinrich: Hey Oontz, go get me another Zima
Oontz: Ve are all out of Zima. Instead let us ride in my 2007 alfa romeo and listen to bad techno.
Heinrich: We smell very good.
Oontz: Agreed.
Observer: you are euro trash.
by Honalee November 2, 2005
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Noun: 1. Someone who sports a combination of the most current threads. Way too awesome to be considered a metrosexual, and definitely not lame enough to be scenester or emo. Euro Trash usually drive import tuner cars of german decent and are constantly blasting drum n' bass or trance music.
OMFG look at that kid in the baby pink track jacket blasting Tiesto out of his Audi A4! He is such euro trash!
by eurotrasher May 23, 2005
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