1. A high quality bud of marijuana.
2. The Dank.
3. See ganja.
Gayle packed her last nug into the bowl and smoked it on the way to work.
by Shamus February 6, 2003
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Nugs are animals which populate the underground locations of Thedas, within the world of Dragon Age. They are small, hairless, nearly blind creatures with pointed snouts for digging. They resemble a cross between a rabbit and a pig, or a naked mole rat or an aardvark. Can also be used as a Dwarven insult.
1. "Awww... Nugs are soooo cute! I'm gonna call my nug Schmooples!"
2.(insult) "NUG HUMPER!"
by WolfBro March 16, 2015
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A super cute person that everyone just wants to cuddle and love
He's such a nug
by Mek3478 January 26, 2015
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London slang for a pound coin. Normally used in the gambling game "Money Ups".
Only used for a coin worth of £1. You can use 2 nug for a £2 coin.
Guy1: "Set me a nug mate, I need to buy some munch."
Guy2: "Nah bro, I'm all out. My guy shegged me of all my P."
by BumbleBrutus January 19, 2019
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Nugs are an abbreviation of Chicken Nuggets, popularized in the Danger Dolan 31-7-2015 Twitch stream
Man I could do with some Nugs
by Therasyo July 31, 2015
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verb for when your girlfriend feeds you chicken nuggets while you're driving in the car
"nug please"..*diane feeds a chicken nugget to Harrison*.."thanks diane, you're the best"
by Harrison J S May 7, 2006
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A person and or life form that has no arms or legs and is bred purely for the entertainment of normal humans.
"Jerry, look over there, that little nug is sat on a roomba, that's hilarious"
by BleakRisk August 19, 2019
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