A quality chunk or "nugget" of marijuana.

Named for Sir Nugard III
Someone in r/trees posted a shot of a nice nug of chemdawg today. Lets pick some up!
by r/trees ambassador February 8, 2013
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I'm cold, I really need a warm nug from that girl
by Willyn January 1, 2015
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1. A small piece of herb from a dank plant.

2. A complete stoner.
ej. 1. Aye man, do you think I can get a nug for later and I'll get you back?

ej. 2. Dude, I wanna work at a place where there's nothing but nugs... like Innerworld!
by BlueberryBaked November 24, 2010
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Nug - verb, to work on something you don't know anything about but have to get done or you'll get yelled at. Past tense, nugged.
Usage. "Bro... I nugged powerpoint slides all last night and the major still hated them"
by Tycho-2162 March 29, 2021
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A person and or life form that has no arms or legs and is bred purely for the entertainment of normal humans.
"Jerry, look over there, that little nug is sat on a roomba, that's hilarious"
by BleakRisk August 19, 2019
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