NEXT UPCOMING GAMERS. A Great clan on xbox live specializing in Call of Duty and the Gears of War 2 games. We are open to anyone willing to join. If you want to join, message xNuGx MrR0dgers.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear about that clan NUG"
Person 2: "yeah they are awesome"
Person 1: "I know right"
by Pip boy 101 January 12, 2010
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Nug: Verb- To find a backpack, remove its contents, turn inside out, replace contents, zip up.

Other Forms: Nugged- When somebody nugs you/ when you nug somebody (ex Fuck a duck, I got nugged!) Nugging- When one nugs somebody (ex Shit they are nugging that kid right behind him, they got some balls.) Nugginglynessism- The skill/ability to nug a person (My nugginglynessism is off the charts.) Nugger- One who nugs (Yeah I'm a nugger, you got a problem with that?)
by Nugginglynessismest March 14, 2007
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The sexiest part of a chicken nugget. You may also call someone who watched that one livestream by those 3 guys by this.
Oh my god, I bought some food and the Nugs were some sexy shit

Oh, you watched that too? You nug!
by NugLifeForever September 02, 2015
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V. Nugging, nug, nugs.

A naked hug.

A hug exchanged while naked.
Person 1: "Did you two have sex last night?"
Person 2: "No, we just nugged."

Person 1 to best friend: "I think we should Nug later."
Best friend: "what!? No way, you're not seeing me naked!"
Person 1: "It's a bonding experience- it will be good for us."
Best friend: " .......ok." *strips off clothes* " LET'S DO THIS!!"
by NerdyFoodyLiz December 22, 2015
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My friend and I are going to find a NUG or two. I have a new NUG
by Queen of Cool September 08, 2006
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a person that has ratarded comebacks and/or does something that is completely unnecessary to make you look like a douche and in return makes themselves even more douchey
Me- "you will never beat my score"
Dan- "but ill beat your mom after she is done blowing me"
Me- "Nug"
Me- "i got a bunt taday!'
Jo- "wow, i guess your not a fatass faggot ratard"
Me- "nug"
by dasFLAVtron September 11, 2009
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A silly person, thing or idea. Something that is often ridiculous, annoying, or weird.
"Annie, you're such a nug, why did you just through that pomegranate at Matt?"
by Ms. N. E. Body March 14, 2010
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