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is for horses
Hay, just cause im bored and baked at school :)
by -Jason Super Fly- March 11, 2009
a pill that straight fucks you up for about 5 hours. You cant walk straight, you cant talk straight, you cant think straight, and eventually theres a good chance you will pass out and not remember what happened the day before. Its like being drunk, but in pill form. It is hands down one of the best pharmaceutical drugs out there. :)
Yo man i was so fucked up yesterday, my friend brought over some xanex bars it was fucking awsome!!We...we...uhhh...wait what did we do yesterday?
by -Jason Super Fly- March 4, 2009
the greatest most delicious thing in the world, and should be legalized DAMMIT!!!
Yo bra i was smokin on some dank ass nug, i think it was called "WHITE WIDOW"!!!
by -Jason Super Fly- March 2, 2009