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False hardcore. The relation between hardcore and nu-hardcore is the same as the relation between real metal acts like Testament and Suffocation and nu-metal shit like Korn and Godsmack.
"This nu-hardcore is absolutely worthless."
by Straight Up June 18, 2004
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Nu-Hardcore is basically the subgenre of hardcore that sucks. Among the many, this is probably the worst. Acts like Atreyu fit this perfectly. Lame. Go listen to some 1998-metalcore like ZAO or Living Sacrifice, PLEASE.

(P.S., nu hardcore abuses breakdowns.)
Nu-Hardcore kid:
"Hey man, do you like hardcore?"
Not Nu-Hardcore kid:
Nu-Hardcore kid:
"Yeah, that new Atreyu is sweet."
Not Nu-Hardcore kid:
"Go die. I will end you."
by Q-Tip McVicker December 15, 2004
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This music genre was summoned by a level 60 Sony UMG shaman and then hurled upon the masses by appearing in movies such as brokeback mountain.
Andrew Loyd Weber, Guy Ritchie, Nina Simone, Newton-John. Nu Hardcore is gay.
by brutale November 18, 2005
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