A vape u can hit with refillable pods
Dude nice vape what’s it’s called?

Oh it’s a novo bro!
by Coach42069 June 6, 2019
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A word used to describe the actions, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions (among other things) of a lazy, apathetic, and above all worthless individual.

Due to its unusual etymology (which will not be introduced in the interest of brevity), the word can assume a polysemous form -- that is, it can mean everything, yet simultaneously mean nothing. In addition, it is extremely versatile in terms of its usability (i.e., it can take the form of a noun, verb, adjective, etc.).
Phrase: "You Novo'd it!"
Translation: "You half-assed it!"

Phrase: "This is Novo."
Translation: "This is boring/stupid/worthless/..."
by burntoast January 3, 2006
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A clown, there to embarrass and entertain the audience around them
- Novo the clown is performing at the circus tomorrow.
- Oh Novo, your such a clown.
- Also rhymes with the name Nivi.
by E11IOTO January 8, 2012
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The equivalent of Juuling, just in terms of using a Novo.
Madison get out of the bathroom and quit novoing!
by SpicyJelly June 4, 2019
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a name for a fuckin "G"!
Guy 1: "did you see novo knock that dude out?"

Guy 2:"that guy dropped like a fuckin brick!"
by mungam July 10, 2008
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A way to write without using vowels.
My username is just my name in novo:
bllbrsky (Bill Brasky).
by dnjmsn February 5, 2022
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Is the name of a person in World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.
Also has the ugliest transmog ever conceived by the human mind.
Don't have gear like Novos, you will be made fun of too
by HarryChester January 31, 2017
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