The Best Tennis Player To Have Emerged From The Glorious Country That Is Serbia. Currently Ranked 3rd in The World, He Will Soon Overpower Nadal, And then Djokovic will destroy Federer's legacy and will take Federer into retirement the way MacEnroe took Borg into retirement.
Some Dude: Federer And Nadal Are The Best!
Some Other Dude: You DoucheFuck, They Both Gonna Get Pwned By The Serbian Legend That Is Novak Djokovic!!!!
by Bgd Mice December 2, 2007
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A Serbian tennis player. A former world No . 1, the GOAT
That forehand winner was astonishing from Novak Djokovic.
by #Anonymous Potato November 6, 2018
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The whiniest piece of shit anti-vaxxer you will ever see that thinks it's cool to hug kids after testing positive for Covid-19
Person 1: "Did you here about that Novak Djokovic guy?"
Person 2: "Oh he's a shit cunt"
Serbian dude: "Oh but Tennis Australia did this on purpose!!!!!111!! They are tyrants!"
by Give Me The Plant January 10, 2022
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Champion of two ATP Masters Series in Miami and Montreal.
Australian Open Champion in 2008.
Champion in Indian Wells 2007.
Overall in single matched he has won:
Grand Slam 1
ATP Masters Series 2
ATP Tour 5

Amazing achievement for someone who is currently only 20 years of age.

Does great impersonations of Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova.
Great personality. Backed up with great tennis skills.
ROGER FEDERER (September 2007)

"He is a very complete player. The best after myself and Rafa. I have to say I’m impressed with his game, because when I was his age I didn’t have such great results."

NATALIE DESSAY, opera singer (September 2007)

After he sang a few notes in the New York Metropolitan Opera House: "Novak has a bad voice, but he is a good tennis player. Such a young man, he could even be my son in terms of age, and he is so good-spirited and refreshing. And such a wonderful tennis player."

BJORN BORG (August 2007)

"Djokovic is definitely ready to win a Grand Slam. This guy can beat any player on the ATP Tour. He has just proved that, by beating them in the last couple of days. He is still very young, and is level with Federer and Nadal."

"He is a great player, has an excellent game, and can play well on any surface. He had a brilliant run at this year’s Wimbledon, which he can repeat at the US Open, but I’m convinced he will do much better at Grand Slam tournaments next year.


"He won Miami, Estoril, Adelaide, he played the final of Indian Wells. Novak is full of confidence. He is a very good player, who will stay at the top for a very long time."


"Novak is an amazing player whose time has yet to come. He will have a great future, and already he is near the top. With the results he achieved in the last few months he will soon enter the top ten. He plays solid from the baseline, and is able to produce winners from any part of the court."


"I think that by the end of 2007 Novak will enter the top five in ATP ranking."

MARIANO PUERTA (October 2006)

"Novak is a future champion. Next time he comes to Bersi he will be inside the top 30, I’m sure. He is so young, and he plays so well!"

JOHN McENROE (September 2005)

Serbia’s best ranked tennis player Djokovic today received what is quite possibly the greatest compliment in his fledgling career. Before the start of tonight’s late match at the US Open, featuring Spaniard Rafael Nadal and American Scoville Jenkins (both 19), the legendary John McEnroe, commenting for the ‘USA’ TV Network (which broadcasts matches from Flushing Meadows), talked about talented young players who, together with Nadal (currently world number two) should reach the upper echelons of the tennis world in the coming years. One of the three names he mentioned was the 18 year old’s from Belgrade.

“There are definitely several very talented young players such as Monfils, Djokovic or Murray... I expect over the next year or so they will be inside the top 20 ATP players", said McEnroe during a live broadcast.

The oldest of the three players McEnroe mentioned is Frenchman Monfils, who turns 19 today; Briton Andy Murray will celebrate his 19th birthday on May 15th next year, and Djokovic a week later, May 22nd 2006. Monfils is currently the best ranked player (43), Djokovic is 97 and Murray is 122; despite this fact, both Djokovic and Murray are still competing at this year’s US Open Championships.


"The 18 year-old from Serbia has a great future. He plays an aggressive game from any part of the court. He will be a force to be reckoned with over the next decade or so. This will be his breakthrough year in terms of winning a big title, with maybe even Australian Open being his first success, where he qualified for the main draw for the for the time last year.”

MARAT SAFIN (January 2005)

"I wish this boy all the best, because he is an amazing talent and has massive potential!"


I began working with Novak Djokovic in 1994, when he was seven.

After only a couple of months of my coaching him, I saw I was dealing with an amazing and extraordinary talent.

As a tennis coach and expert, I workd and travelled around the world with Monica Seles, Goran Ivanisevic, Iva Majoli, Tatjana Jecmenica and Sabrina Goles and I can freely say that Novak Djokovic is the first great talent to emerge in this region since Monica Seles.

Three years ago I created a work programme for Novak Djokovic and he has already realised this five-year plan and achieved successes even beyond the expected.

Novak is totally ready, both physically and mentally, for big competitions and greater achievements. He is very intelligent and good person, he thinks clearly out on the court and is prepared to work hard, which is very important for his future development and career advancement.

I sincerely believe that with the optimum training conditions and good organisation, within two to three years he could achieve marked results in professional tennis.

With regards,

Prof. Jelena Gencic


A number of talent scouts present at the 26th European Championships in San Remo had an opportunity to fill their notebooks. Never before have we been able to witness such a pool of high quality players, both male and female, with certain competitors standing out as extremely impressive. Such is the case with the winners, 14 year-old Yugoslav Novak Djokovic and 13 year –old Russian-born Frenchwoman, Tatiana Golovin, two early favourites, who not only did as predicted, but did so with such confidence and personality which separates top sportspeople from the rest. It was the first time since the inception of the European Under-14 Championships that they have been won by a Yugoslav and a Frenchwoman whose names will be added on to the rich list of famous tennis stars (Vilander, Edberg, Enquist, Graff, Seles, Hingis, Tommy Robredo i Justin Enan Ardenne).

As in the past we had balance when writing about Robredo and Ancic, and the Belgians Enan and Clijsters, so too shall we write about the Yugoslav, Novak Djokovic, boy with a ‘velvety’ feel for the ball, who can hit the ball hard, but above all he is a player who is extremely intelligent tactically speaking and very string mentally so that he is sure to go far.

We talked about a high technical level which featured some other interesting names…and our Jari Natali. Our representative was ‘thrashed’ in the semi-final by a too-strong Novak Djokovic.
by BALKAN February 14, 2008
A lad from Serbia who is pretty good at tennis.
Of course the Australian Open was won by Novak Djokovic.
by gg_lds September 4, 2023
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