Novacaine Novacane Novakane Nova Cain

The flyest blind guy in the game with hella swag and dope bars. Also known as the Ray Charles of hip hop.
"Hey have you heard of that blind rapper, Novacain"? " Yea his bars go hard"
by mollylovexoxo April 01, 2018
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Novacaine used to be a common local anesthetic used in dentistry. It is no longer used as some people have been found to suffer allergic reactions.
Tell me that I won't feel a thing,
So give me Novacaine.
- Lyrics from Greenday's "Give me Novacaine"
by The Magic Bullet May 07, 2005
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Incorrect, but regularly used, spelling of Novocaine - a local anesthetic, commonly used by dentists.
My mouth was numb from the Novacaine
by GQsm July 21, 2011
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A move during cunnilingus where the face becomes numb due to intense orgasms.


Novacained. In which the girl would proclaim she had the novacaine.
"Dam i went to town on that pussy then i gave her the novacaine."

"Oh my god, Mark ate me out so dam good he novacained me."
by Master Pussy eater December 26, 2006
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a penis so small and insignificant that the woman can not feel it in her
ME: I was talkin to MaryB and she said she's still a virgin.
HIM: I thought she hooked up with Dustin a month ago?
ME: Yeah but that little novacaine dick doesn't count!
by sexyllama February 11, 2009
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