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Nouf, an arabic name and is from the khaleeji side. They are kind and sensitive, and are very pretty. Lots of people want to be her friend and is loved by most people. You're lucky if your friends with nouf. It's real meaning means the pit of the mountain, but this is the best definition.
I wish my name was nouf. most beautiful girls i know have that name.
by SalamaQ June 02, 2017
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noun, Arabic for the top place in a camels hump. Used a lot as a name. Also there is Naief and Nawwaf.
Hello, my name is Nouf. It's a pretty badwin name, I know!
by Nouf September 15, 2006
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North Cyde of ya city or town
"I'm from da NoufCyde cuzz"
by Lil Cuzz March 05, 2005
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