An Irish-Catholic University in South Bend Indiana aptly named after a French Cathedral. Known for its pompous student body and washed up football team, its graduates convince themselves that everyone wants to be like them, when in reality, no one does. Its inflated ego is dwarfed only by the stink of the city which surrounds it.
Remember how that salesman from Notre Dame wouldn't stop talking about how great his school was? It took him forever just to realize that no one was even listening to him in the first place.
by Peter Von Hilgendorf April 11, 2008
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A second-rate Catholic University in the middle of nowhere known for it's football team, not its academics. It is a school that is typically reserved for young Catholics who wanted to go to school in Boston, DC, or Philadelphia, but could not gain admission to Boston College, Georgetown, or Villanova.
Son: I would like to go to BC or Georgetown, but I don't have the academic credentials to get in.
Mother: You could always try that Notre Dame place.
Son: Nah, I think I will just go to the local community college.
by EddyRules22 May 16, 2006
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A university located in South Bend, IN.

Their football team lost to Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl. Their fans are delusional and think their football team is good when they really suck. The luck of the irish left them years ago.
Notre Dame Irish South Bend
by SouthBend32439089080 December 29, 2011
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A school that wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for football. Everything it has it can credit to football. The only reason its considered a good school is 1)people give money, because of football, so they have money to be a good school and 2)They get a flood of football bandwagon applicants, so they can only pick the best. So, really, a bunch of rich assholes. And with all that money they get, they can afford to pay referees to win football games for them.
How the hell did (name of college) win that football game against (name of good college)? They must have pulled a Notre Dame, and paid off the refs.
by Steve Frankson December 02, 2006
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Go Buckeyes! Maybe this year you won't be sodimised by Flordia in the National Title Game!
It's Notre Dame, not NotreDame, you twit.
by ghjfgb June 24, 2008
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A University in South Bend, Indiana with an economically, ethnically, and religiously diverse student body comprised of rich, white, and catholic assholes that think they are better than everyone else. They think their football program, which rarely makes a credible, if any, bowl game is the best and most storied in the nation. Their fans hate the University of Michigan, which is superior athletically and academically to notre dame. Michigan has more overall wins, a higher winning percentage, more all time bowl appearences, more national titles depending on who you ask, a winning record against ND and has produced two heisman winners since notre dame's last heisman winner. Michigan also wins in the intangibles, as the Michigan fight song, The Victors, is superior to the notre dame victory march, which, coincidentally after one of the many times Michigan destroyed notre dame. Michigan stadium is also superior to notre dame stadium, whose design was copied and scaled down from the former. HAIL TO THE VICTORS! Michigan is also academically superior to Notre Dame, as we all of Michigan's graduate schools are ranked in the top ten and undergraduate programs like business and engineering are ranked in the top 5.
ND student: We are the best and most storied football program in collegiate history. I am also white, republican, catholic, and rich, and everyone who is not is inferior to me.
Michigan student: Shut the fuck up.
by nirvanarageatm May 23, 2005
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Notre Dame claims to be a top school in the U.S. Unfortunately, they do little to earn the reputation. As of the 2004-2005 school year, they have no computer class requirement; they have no required communications class; their required writing class only insists that students turn something in and show up to class in order to pass. Notre Dame is a place to network with a lot of people who have "made it." It's not really a place for a serious education.
The University of Notre Dame is no better than a typical state university despite the hype.
by enderFP wiggin June 24, 2005
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