In Spanish it mainly use to state when a persons high (Budd)is at its peek, Or when you are feeling good or bad about something.
"Diablo loco que nota" or damm ma nigga im smacked, it could also be used as "Ese tiguere ta en otra nota" or that niggas on some other shit.
by Dontdrinkdietpepsi March 10, 2009
someone who tries to get everyone´s attention doing stupid shit
Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?? What a notas!!
by teachingspanishpeople November 11, 2014
abbreviation for "none of the above". usually used by people to describe themselves as someone who does not fit into a perfect stereotype... in other words: an indie
"are you a nerd, goth, emo, jock?"
"no, i'm NOTA"
by 495 May 27, 2006
Bliss: None Of The Above
Matt K. is a:

by Doug April 14, 2004
last name for man with many penis that are under 1 inches.
"Nick Notas has the ultimate amount of 50 .5 inch penises"
by Nick October 21, 2003
In spanish, "un nota" (a 'nota') has the same meaning as "a dude", "a guy", or any other colloquial way to name other person.
Mira er nota ese, parese tonto
Trans: "Look at that guy, he seems to be a moron"
by theOm3ga June 10, 2005