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previously known as "ignored" in facebook, it is the act of putting a friend request on hold Forever, the debate is still going on about it's conjugation :
some say it should be in the past tense because the "Not Now" was pressed Back Then, others argue that it is still on hold so it's still going on, normal people say it's not a friggin verb !

it's useful against stalkers & people who don't get it after the first ignore, a bit harsh for the friend request sender.

the only way to bypass it is to cancel the request & send again...& again...& again till you get blocked !
Girl : so like.. this dude with 0 mutual friends added me on fb & i so totally not nowed him !
Her friend : won't he add you again !?
Girl : na uh, he won't know but i changed my profile pic as a hint, like duuh
Her friend : bitch you can't say not nowed, it's not a verb !
Girl : whatevs !
by Odassious June 09, 2011
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