What the second and third child get for their feet because only the oldest gets new shoes.
Little Juliet was always walking with a slight limp, because her sister Emma’s foot me downs had lost a heel on the right side, forcing her to walk in a large circle to the right.
by You rReal Name September 9, 2020
You Lied To Me Is A Reference From asdf movies
Person1: Did You Know Carrots Are Good For Your Eyesight?
(Person2: (Pushes Some Carrots Up His Eyes
Person2: You Lied To Me!
by SOMBRA ON STEROIDS March 3, 2017
Like a piece of meat that rich niggas eat, you order Phil lay me-on and they think youre fancy
Rich nigga: Lemme get uh, Phil lay me-on
Waitress: ooh you fancy huh?
by SmoochieWallace November 22, 2016
Someone needing love and attention,now.
“Please love me, I don’t feel love”
But I’ll never say it aloud
by LoserBug November 6, 2022
It's a crippling of an old saying "DUX MEA LUX" who means who means Duce My Light, but wrote in that way means Duce Sucks it to me (the dikK)
Fanculo Fascista!! Il DUX ME LO SUX!!!
Fuck you fascist!! Duce SUCKS MY DICK!!
by XxOiDxX October 1, 2020
it means they’re so attracted to you, they’d want to be mutilated (cut in pieces) by you.
Silvia: “omg please mutilate me 😩”
Silvia: “I’d let eren mutilate me 😩”
by gorilla grip coochie squirt October 22, 2021
Another way of saying “don’t make me laugh

*Mandem trying to move to a girl”

James: Where you doing tonight Nia?

Nia: Don’t buss me up.... your breath is MAD

*2 people in conversation*

Nia: Are you going to the motive at the weekend?

Mason: Don’t buss me up You’re MAD ....... have you seen the insta stories his house is moving wreckless
by Masonnia December 25, 2020