1) 1980s slang for an over the top, uptight brown-noser who is extremely annoying
Norville went into the boss again today to offer him courtesy fellatio.
by Adam B Rich June 24, 2011
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In the area of Human Resources, if you have an outgoing employee who is either loved

and/or cared for a great deal, or they are unbearable, and you have someone who is not quite available yet who fits the bill perfectly, you hire an employee temporarily not telling them that their position is temporary, wherein they bear the brunt of disdain and bad feelings of friends, fans, or fellow employees and is fired on some trumped up charge to get the final or “permanent” projected employee.
This is named after the famous dynamic between beloved morning anchor Jane Pauley leaving her post on the Today show, replaced with the hapless pawn Deborah Norville, who took all the slings, arrows, hatred and derision from the public, forcing her OUT of the position, only to be replaced by Katie Couric waiting in the wings. Have YOU ever been “Norvilled”?
by OmegaRat1 February 22, 2012
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a very cool kid he likes to play fortnite and plays on xbox very cool and funny
norvil is such a god and cool guy
by coolguyish January 7, 2020
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Relation to the back end of a horse.. . often refers to himself as well endowed, but in reality is quite "short" in stature. He is fluffy. His mind often goes blank quite quickly. Needs frequent naps and enjoys crushing dreams - Common nicknames are "Gut", "Pudge McMuffin", and "Tiny"
A Sasquatch is such a Norvil.
by Billy Duke February 12, 2012
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