Noor-tee The word to describe someone talking in rude, promiscuous and sexual language towards another person. Can be used in a sarcastic fashion.
by Tyde November 11, 2014
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a group at school filled with dumbass people, the group as a collective called the 'norties'
Oh, it's just the norty people
by qwertyuioplkjhgfdsaAzxcvbnm April 06, 2017
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The term "Norty horti" derives from two abbrevieated and somewhat altered words due to modern slang/shorthand: the first word (Norty) being "Naughty" and the second (horti) being "Horticulture" put simply... naughty horticulture is to cultivate (grow) an illegal plant (most likely marajuana)
he got nicked, i hear he was involved in a bit of norty horti!
by danofthepleasedwimmen December 24, 2007
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a charming young person who is very adorable and someone you just can't get enough of due to their incredibly pure awesomeness.
"he's super super cute, funny and awesome, he is definitely Norty Nuff." - mr. norty nuff's devotee :)
by shweet dreams June 24, 2010
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South African slang for "definitely not"
Friend - Hey, Hughs in town. Do you want to go to his house and hit some bongs
Me - Hugh Newlands? The guy who packed a bag of my nicest clothes and went on the run?
Friend - Uh yeah, that Hugh. but he did say he was sorry and he has some A grade weed. So do you wanna go?
Me - Nortis tortoise
by Lanboi June 07, 2018
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Norti is used to describe people who are doing naughty acts, like playing norti games as Serenity does
Maxine said ‘You norti norti man, you’
by ella ~BEEEP~ October 01, 2020
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