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School that is falling apart in Slatington, Pennsylvania supplementing thier youth into a greater chance of success.

This is done by countering it's students into situations they would rather particularly not oblige to.

Doesn't try to keep a say in thier fundaments. Doesn't have effort because they don't want to have a say because they perform alot of illegal activities that have to do with drugs.
Northern Lehigh is corrupted.

The town the Northern Lehigh school is in is getting very poor and it's because they never finished taking care of all the old abondoned and mucky buildings.

The drugs are a part of the healing process of Northern Lehigh because it's put to terms as a school for the black marketed.

I didn't want the reputation of a Northern Lehigh learner so I smoked cigarettes instead.
by Dancingsuccess December 13, 2009
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