To ejaculate large amounts of semen. As in Peter North, the cumshot master.
Man I had a wood for so long with that girl. When I finally busted a nut, I fucking Northed it.
by G1 Crew June 18, 2005
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What is called North Memphis, one of the most ghetto communities in the United States, where 2/3 of people live under the poverty level. It is home to Project Pat, Juicy J, and Yo Gotti. They crack niggas jaws and run hoes into walls.
Dont mess with me bitch, I'm from the North North
by Tha CB Wayne May 2, 2006
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1. being honest, truthful, legitmate.

2. being 'straight up'.
Bro, I gotta be north with you. Me and your mom 69ed last night.
by BroMcKnight October 23, 2010
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The North of England (not to be confused with the North as in America)

The People of the North are the friendliest of the British people albeit we do suffer from an extensive population of scumbags thanks to mass unemployment.

Despite generating the vast majority of Britains wealth from the industrial revolution to its decline in the 1900s the government has seen fit to rape and destroy the working man of the North.

The north holds the vast majority of the U.Ks natural beauties and one day with the aid of Scotland and Wales will invade the south and destroy every posh Tory cunt inhabiting the shithole known as the London
Regenald: Oh im awfully bored!
Clement: Oh I know lets skull fuck The North!
Regenald: OH WONDERFUL!!!

Fred Dibnah: The hell you will! come on William Wallace lets take London!

As we know the souther ponces would suffer heavy casualties at the hands of true Northern men
by defender of thefaith December 12, 2010
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Please do not listen to what people like Midwesternsoldier says THAT IS PURE IGNORANCE.
No.1 Their is the Northeast; The Midwest; and the Pacific Northwest, The Pacific Northwest is not known as the North
The Midwest is comprised of 12 states NOT KENTUCKY DAMN!!!!! You seem to be so determined to include Kentucky as the north/Midwest it's sickening. The Ohio River definition you gave stating "The Ohio River seperates Kentucky and West Virginia from the rest of the Midwest" is purely ignorant. Any logical person would see that the Ohio River is the true diver between the North and South. Hell I don't know why you even want to be Midwestern for THEY DON'T EXCEPT US AS THEIR REGION unlike the South. HEll they don't even want to claim the SOuthern region of their state that touches Kentucky, because it's so much more Southern than Midwestern. Even back during the Civil War Lincoln feared that he would have to fight off Southern Il, IN, And OH because they had such a Southern bond with a Southern state Kentucky. Kentucky did not succeed from the Union in it's best interest after all it is boarding 3 Midwestern states. Kentucky surely would have been burned to ashes, Just look at how fast they took Tennessee.
If you have ever seen the PBS speacial "Do You Speak American" "Southern Addition" the narrator was sailing on a boat in the Ohio River to emphasize that the Southern accent not only ingulfs Kentucky but even extends across the River into Southern Indiana,Illinois, and Ohio.
So please do me and everyone else a favor open your eyes and relize that you are on the Southern side of the Mason Dixon Line (Kentucky) making you a Southerner.

No.2 The South is not only the most populated region in the Nation but is also the fastest growing region in the Nation, Hell the South is growing faster than the Midwest and Northeast combined and it comprises of 16 states Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Georiga, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, KENTUCKY, Virginia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, West Virgina, Maryland and Delaware THIS IS THE OFFICIAL DEFINTION
Also MidwesternSoldier I forgot if this was your comment or not, But it stated that "those Hicks in Owensboro don't realize what region their in," If Kentuckians don't act Midwestern, or like a person from "The North" than why are you trying to categorize MY state as Midwestern, When it's "SOUTHERN." More specifically Mid- Southern along with North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia in my and most other opinions.
by Micheal Jonhs May 27, 2006
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