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A vile concoction of white trash and loud African Americans with a Hispanic and Asian population of .05, you will never find a larger group of stoners and dip-heads. Fornication is common in locker rooms and restrooms. The sports teams claim to have rivalry against East Paulding High School when really they are better than them at everything. A decent school lunch is as hard to spot as the students, and the only decent thing in the vending machines was removed last month. They truly live up to their motto, "First Class, World Class."
Ways to identify a North Paulding Student: Rebel flags, hazy eyes, at least if you can actually spot one due to the fact that they are clad in camouflage.
Did you hear about the second Civil War outbreak at North Paulding High School? The white kids that no one could really see raised the rebel flag and declared war against everyone else.
by KampfBus April 27, 2015
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north paulding high school is the weirdest school ever. everyone thinks it’s made up of snobby rich kids from bentwater, but half the kids are broke living in random country trailers in the woods, and it’s on a cow pasture. a good 50% of the kids are weird goths or anime kids or have herpes or all 3, so the remainig normal half of the school just kinda chills with eachother or just become friends with kids from allatona high school, harrison high school, or east paulding high school. there’s also a weird expectation of the normal kids to be in all honors and ap classes and if you aren’t your dumb. pretty much no one cares if you take difficult classes because their expectations are extremely high. there’s a few small groups of fake bitches but they are pretty much the only ones that like eachother so no one really cares. this school always ends up on the news because it’s all made up of nicotine addicts who say “nigg**” and offend everybody. there’s a few random country ass kids who are the reason for the country stereo type at north but everyone else tries there hardest not to act country.
“did you hear about north paulding high school on the news?”
yeah, about that bitch who lied to the police about a school shooting note and tried to get away and ended up in jail?”

“pretty much sums up that school.”
by nphsstudent69 November 28, 2018
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A 7A school in Paulding county that is the top school out of the other Paulding high schools. They have had a running rivalry with East Paulding, North winning all of their athletic competitions against them.
Mom: For school of chose where do you want to go?

Son: North Paulding high school, East is trash!
by AnonymouslyShady101 August 27, 2018
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