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A school found in Dallas, GA that is full of idiot students that think they're cool. Most of the students are rednecks, sporting camouflage and over-the-top jacked up trucks that get a little over 2 MPG. Everyone at the school hates Obama for no reason other than their fear of black people and liberals. The football team, The Raiders, get more financial support than the academics, resulting in a sad number of dropouts and an even sadder number of football losses. The rest of the student body ranges from hipster wannabes to trashy sluts. Oh yeah, don't forget about the stoners. In short, the school is a cesspool of idiots.
I went to East Paulding High School today and almost got ran over by a monster truck, but not before getting knifed by a stoner and receiving a handjob in a porta-potty by some trashy slut!
by BeingSerious July 07, 2011
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