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A school made up of a bunch of white pieces of shits and a bunch of loud and obnoxious black people. All the athletes expect to go D1 but are highkey dogshit. Now, you would think "why would anyone want to go there", but when you look at the other schools within a 20 mile radius, you realize that its not that bad. A typical Tuesday at North Paulding includes cheerleaders saying the hard R over napkins, emo girls who no one knows trying to blow up the school, the smell of freshmen wearing too much fucking axe and mint juul pods, a hot combination of STDs that you couldnt even fathom, and, most importantly, a science teacher who's into student/teacher sex.
"Bro, don't hit that, shes from North Paulding. There's no telling what shes put in that"
by Help im stuck in the closet September 16, 2019
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