Someone or something which is annoying. Can also describe a ‘stickysituation.
Wow, Luke is such a Norse in the arse!/wow, Luke is such a Norse!
by Vangerinovangerino December 3, 2017
When you and your friends stand in a circle jerking off, and after everyone is finished, you fall asleep on each others shoulders.
The boys and I didn't wake up until noon after our Norse oar last night.
by swagdick6969 November 20, 2015
The roughest, toughest motherfucker you'll ever meet. They WILL NOT hesitate to kick a bigoted dumbass down to Helheim and are protective of those who've been persecuted by the Church and their bullshit ripoff "religion" that is responsible for the massacre of hundreds of thousands over the course of its existence. Wanna know what fear is?
Wanna know what fear is? Fuck with a Norse Pagan and find out real quick
by ValhallaBound July 5, 2022
Viking religion where they pray to Anthony Hopkins, Chris hemsworth, Tom Riddleston, and others. They believe in 9 worlds where shit goes down all connected by the world tree from avatar. They have a heaven where you have to die in combat, hell thats not called he’ll and an end of the world where everything dies (RIP spider man). Also you have to loose shit to get shit like magic powers and shit. Also the gods are mortal and all wear tiny skirts and have long beards with ugly ass hats with horns attached to the front and back of them.
I was told too research NORSE MYTHOLOGY by my dad.
by Red neck brain surgeon September 29, 2018

A strange looking individual who imitates both a horse and a scandinavian. Often illustrates poor poker ability.
Hey Norse Horse stop min raisign you scandie wannabe.
by Rod April 20, 2005
to have an enormous penis. this is the original definition from the age when Norsemen invaded England and raped and pillaged. they were said to have enormous penii. This has become corrupted to the modern hung like a horse
"quick lads" said Alan "get out of the bath, here comes Jermayne and he's hung like a Norse."
by theWestHamfan November 6, 2003