1) An apple crossed with a coconut.
Which is used as a form of currency in Bristol UK where the Sydney Opera House has just been built

2) A completely made up word meant as an insult, possibly a combination of the words "nob" and "horse" said at the same time. Origins believed to be from The Ranmoor area of Sheffield, where many confused west-country travellers find themselves trapped in a deadley war of apple bounce and cooridoor bowling

Farmer 1: "I'll give you ten norse for that ay sheep aaay.."

Farmer II: "well, at the end of the day, she aint worth less dan fourteen an a 'alf norse mate,"

Farmer I: "water of a ducks back...."


Alex: "not bein funny wid u bud, but that is the worst thing in the wor-ld"

James: "to be honest, you're so norse Alex"

Alex: "every cloud....."
by James Spencer Watson November 28, 2006
When you give a boy a wank with your tits
She is good at norsing
by Usman3321 July 15, 2017
A religion that is a revival of the worship of all the gods of the Norse. Norse pagans often adopt the same world view and outlook on life as the vikings.
He's into Norse paganism.
by Judge dredd7 July 24, 2011
1. (v) When a man and woman are having sex in the wheelbarrow position in the front lawn or front porch, then as the man climaxes he grabs the woman's torso and charges at the front door smashing his partner through the door headfirst.
Olga has a pretty bad neck injury from the Norse Invader that Sven gave her last week.
by Speedo_spink August 14, 2006
Norse Cock are Norwegian penises decedents of the Vikings in the 13th century. It has been told that the viking we're pillaging and rapping many cultures during they're raids and exploring.. and thus has evolved the Norse Cock aka thors mighty sword, to be passed down for generations to come.

other definitions Huge White Long Very Thick and Muscular with a fat Meaty head
Catherine: *deep breathe* Wow.. thats as big as my leg..

ORMR: Or maybe your leg is as big as my Norse cock?

Catherine: ouch thats too far, its hitting my sternum
by blackgirls<3white dick May 27, 2010
The sexual practise whereby two people repeatedly headbutt each other until they reach orgasm or die. Whichever comes first.
"Hey Jurgen, what's up with your face?"
"Got Helga to Norse Code with me last night"
"Not really. She's dead"
by Thor Point April 22, 2008
Like a Dutch oven, but instead of farting under the blanket, it's outside the blanket and you just use your hand to blow it towards the recipient's face.
Did you give her a Dutch Oven? No, just the Norse Wind.
by Escote January 19, 2015