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1. A sexy little animal. Every boy wants to get in her pants. (dont piss her off thou. she will kick your ass nonstop until she is satisfied)

2. A cute little innocent hottie by day, seducing sexual babe by night. (everyone loves a norielleπŸ’•πŸ’•)

3. Smart, Intelligent, Beautiful, Talented, Hot, Sexy bitch. She can be ratchet if she wants to but shes an adorable little potion of love most of the time.

"ooh Cameron, whos that sexy FUCKING animal over there?!"

"DAN. thats Norielle. She just adorable isnt she.. shes mine so fuck off."

"OMG hes so lucky to have Norielle shes so hot"
Norielle, Mothereffer, Hottie, Sexy, Tempting
by orebaby November 20, 2013
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