A person (usually a player on an online rpg/mmorpg) who isn't skilled and/or experienced at something, but refuses to learn and thinks highly of himself/herself.

Noobs like to gather in large colonies on the internet, but it is not uncommon to see one or two noobs alone. Noobs type very poorly and annoy other players (it is the only thing they are good at in life). They spam and do not follow the rules. They usually won't accept any help from experienced players, but when they do, they are always too stupid to comprehend the English that is being spoken to them, and become hysterical with anger.
-noob who won't accept any help- (on the mmorpg Furcadia)
Player: i'll brb. Whisper me later
Noob: huhh???
Player: Whisper me later, alright...?
Noob: ????????? u sukc i hve no idea wat ur sayin!!!!!!!!11
Player: Um... you just type '/playername message'. It's like instant messaging from different places.
Player: Wtf noob...

-noob who can't understand English-
Player: I have to go to my friend's dream just whisper me if you need anything!
Noob: wishper????!
Player: Yeah, just type '/playername message'.
Noob: pl/ayrermane mesaege"
Player: no, type like how I did: /playername message
Noob: /plyaernamme mesasge
Player: No, put my playername after the / and then your message!
Noob: I DNT GET IT U SUKC BALLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Player: I should've known you were a noob.
by Nightpaw August 20, 2009
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Someone who is new to something and will forever remain at that skill level.
The term is usually applied in the gaming world.
Characteristics include: terrible grammar, excessive use of numbers in the name, TYPING IN ALL CAPS, and begging.

Unlike the common newb, the noob is the person who manages to turn friendly, long-time players into assholes who'll make fun of anybody new to the system.

You can usually find noobs congregating at the starter zones or in major hubs in World of Warcraft, RuneScape, MapleStory, and virtually any other online game.

Kevin7: How can I make money?
Me: You can make money from mining.
Kevin7: Do you know where I can get a pick?
Me: Sure, that shop over in the corner.
Kevin7: Thanks, I'll go try it.


freddy1312435: muny plz
Me: You can make money from mining.
freddy1312435: wat
Me: You want money?
freddy1312435: muny plz

jon199569: hgeal
Me: I can't heal you; I'm dead because you couldn't hold aggro.
jon199569: .............................................................
Me: ...
jon199569: HAEL MICH
by Duckboom October 07, 2010
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someone who does not understand or is not doing the correct operation of objectives, yet implies they are and will comment about how he/she is doing better.
Person:Dude your supose to capture the flag not kill your own team.
noob:shut up muthafucka u just cryn cause i got more killz
by ABC Metaphor May 17, 2008
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"Noob" is a term frequently used in online gaming, and pertains to immature ignoramuses with no grammatical/vocabulary skills. In technical terms, a noob can be referred to as an ultracrepidarian, inaniloquent, autohagiographer.
Every noob can be described as having one or more of these qualities.
Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions on matters beyond their knowledge.
Inaniloquent: Speaking foolishly or saying stupid things.
Autohagiographer: A person who talks in a conceited manner about their own life and accomplishments.

Calling a noob an "ultracrepidarian, inaniloquent, autohagiographer" can yield interesting and often entertaining results.

An example of a noob being ultracrepidarian:

Noob: oh ya????? well ur ugly and hav no lyf! u jus sit at teh pc all day talking mean 2 ppl! U FAIL!!!11!

An example of a noob being inaniloquous:

Noob: roflololllollol omg ur such a n00b! i own ur FACE!!!!1!1!!~~~11!!

An example of a noob being an autohagiographer:

Noob: omg so im lyk rly rly rich and prtty and every1 lyks me and... etc.
by EchoSempai January 09, 2009
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A retarder person who is always blaming his team.
His over estimated ego and immaturity causing discomfort in team.
He is distinguished by lack of arguments, besides calling his teammate noobs.
Teammate died:
- you noob! stop playing this game!
Team is loosing a battle:
- you f** noobs, my team is full of noobs! I'm pro but my team sucks!
Teammate made mistake:
- you moron, why you suck so badly
by ever6 November 15, 2012
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Noob: A term used to insult people, offically naming them unskilled, worthless, pieces of garbage. Often used in video games such as:
Combat Arms
Gears of War 2
A way to find a noob:
A typical noob reaction, "Dude you hack"
A typical noob reaction, "Dude you suck"
A typical noob reaction, "Anything you do I can do better"
A typical noob reaction, "I can OWN you NOOB"
A typical noob reaction, "What the hell? YOU HACK!"
Noob actions:
Some sort of hacking
Team Killing
by NoobNubMania July 28, 2009
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One who is offended by this term.
John: "You're a noob."

Noob: "What!? What did you just call me?! I can pwn you boy with my 1337 skillz in Halo, GoW, WoW, CS, SC, MoH, BMW, YMCA, DUI, RDLGQ2UYZRT!! And-and also ..." etc.

John: "I rest my case."
by Blu489 February 21, 2008
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