a person who doesnt shower normally either
a.)puts hair half up half down
b.)puts it completly up.
so people think they shower
and tends to wear the SAME jeans everyday

guy 1:did you see kirsten hobgood today?
guy 2:omg yeah she is sucha nonna shower
guy 1:ikr man
by hiddden(: February 21, 2009
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a word you use when you are winning a game of fooseball
yess! we just scored! bot-cha-nonna!!!!
by shahariea November 6, 2007
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Nonna leeche is the queen of spades in the card game heart...... also can be the name of christopher columbus' wife said to be the first lady of the night aka prostitute in the modern world.,
nonna leeche
by nancycharlesoscar150 September 10, 2009
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