Not letting someone join in on your conversation or you don't want to tell another person what you are talking about.
Sally- "hey Susan what are you and Tommy talking about?"
Susan- "none of your business!"
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1.When someone asks you something but you want it to be a secret so you won't say it.

2.Also used when you want to keep an information private.
A:Hey dude, where are you from?
B:It's none of your business.
by ErFy June 25, 2017
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A rude way to prevent someone from joining a conversation when they’ve done absolutely no wrong
Person 1: what kind of music are you into?
Person 2: I like pop music, especially J-pop, that’s the best kind
Person 3: I like J-pop, too!
Person 2 to Person 3: that’s cool
Person 1 to Person 3: None of your business, GTFO
Person 3 leaves and cries
by Delete this account now July 2, 2023
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Stay out of someone's conversation keep information that you want kept to yourself that you do you not want getting out there. A pretty lame way of saying I don't want you to know what I am talking about.
Guy says to a woman How are you?
Woman replies "None of your business."
by Wilburfrankainatra October 4, 2017
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Before, it was a phrase to notify someone not to get involved in whatever the situation is or what you're talking about. Now, it basically is apart of poor defense tactics used when a person abruptly joins your conversation, has their say and humiliates you by showing how wrong you are. Commonly used by actors in the show What Would You Do.
Boyfriend: Now get back inside, try on some clothes that makes you look more hot. NOW!!

Old Woman: Hey! Your girlfriend can wear what she likes! Your just being rude!!!

Boyfriend: Excuse me, let me sort this. It's none of your business.

Old Woman: I DONT CARE!!!
by Im (not) ME!!! September 20, 2011
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a wicked ass chick on myspace, she may be none of your business but hell every guy and girl wants her to be their business!
person 1: did you go on myspace last night?
person 2: yeah man, i got 7 adds, one of them was hotttt
person 1: oh yeah? who who?
person 2: none of your business
person 1: c'mon man don't be stingy
person 2: alix, you know, none of your business?
person 1: oh yeah, she's sexy (Y)
by acme-batterry June 25, 2008
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A thought-terminating cliché used to quell any critical thinking that may be used to expose someone's immoral/irresponsible/sordid actions and behaviours.

While there are occasions where this phrase is justified, most often than not it's used unjustifiably.
"So are you two sleeping together??"
"I'm sorry but that's none of your business"

*father verbally abuses their children on the bus*
Bystander: Excuse me but you should really treat your kids better
Father: Mate that's none of your business! Piss off!

Person 1: You shouldn't be smoking here, it's a smoke-free zone
Person 2: None of your business man
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian January 28, 2022
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