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Not letting someone join in on your conversation or you don't want to tell another person what you are talking about.
Sally- "hey Susan what are you and Tommy talking about?"
Susan- "none of your business bitch!"
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a wicked ass chick on myspace, she may be none of your business but hell every guy and girl wants her to be their business!
person 1: did you go on myspace last night?
person 2: yeah man, i got 7 adds, one of them was hotttt
person 1: oh yeah? who who?
person 2: none of your business
person 1: c'mon man don't be stingy
person 2: alix, you know, none of your business?
person 1: oh yeah, she's sexy (Y)
by acme-batterry June 25, 2008
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Translates to: I should be allowed to control your behavior towards me by lying about or selectively omitting information that would cause you to treat me different or the way I deserve to be treated.
Her "He's so..."

Him "Unbelievable you fucked him! Un-fucking-believable!"

Her "It's none of your business!"

Him "Who's business is it? Everyone but me? Because you know I would treat you with contempt for doing it? So you can use me?"
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by Da1thatDecides November 10, 2018
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Stay out of someone's conversation keep information that you want kept to yourself that you do you not want getting out there. A pretty lame way of saying I don't want you to know what I am talking about.
Guy says to a woman How are you?
Woman replies "None of your business."
by Wilburfrankainatra October 05, 2017
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