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1.When someone asks you something but you want it to be a secret so you won't say it.

2.Also used when you want to keep an information private.
A:Hey dude, where are you from?
B:It's none of your business.
by ErFy June 25, 2017
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Before, it was a phrase to notify someone not to get involved in whatever the situation is or what you're talking about. Now, it basically is apart of poor defense tactics used when a person abruptly joins your conversation, has their say and humiliates you by showing how wrong you are. Commonly used by actors in the show What Would You Do.
Boyfriend: Now get back inside, try on some clothes that makes you look more hot. NOW!!

Old Woman: Hey! Your girlfriend can wear what she likes! Your just being rude!!!

Boyfriend: Excuse me, let me sort this. It's none of your business.

Old Woman: I DONT CARE!!!
by Im (not) ME!!! September 20, 2011
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