A human so ridiculously annoying in every-way, that you often wonder if , are they from a different planet or some poorly designed humanoid robot.
Tim: Hey what who was that non-person that John Lennon married?
Robbin: that was Yoko man.
by doctorstrangescape June 16, 2017
Thomas I. White of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles :

"Like humans, dolphins appear to be self-conscious, unique individuals with distinctive personalities, memories and a sense of self, who are vulnerable to a wide range of physical and emotional pain and harm, and who have the power to reflect upon and choose their actions."
To truly be at the "top" of the animal kingdom; then surely it is incumbent upon us to recognize non-human persons.
by Guido1 February 24, 2010
A non-athletic athletic person can be applied to any number of people; specifically jocks and/or preps . One who is a non-athletic athletic person may play many sports however, in reality, are good at none of them and hold only mediocre athletic ability.
See Plaid Shorts
Dude did you see CJ jump up and try to catch that baseball?
Man that sucked.
I know, apart from being a total douche, he's also totally a non-athletic athletic person!
You said it.
by Kosher Boy May 30, 2008