Someone who noms a lot.
a nomming monster.
"omnomnom... "
"Woah that nomster just ate all the cookies!"
by NomsterNomster February 27, 2009
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What you call a person who has switched the N and M keys on a keyboard.
Person 1: I came to the office early to switch as many M and N keys as possible.

Person 2: You nomster!
by JustSomeHotJuicyMemes August 9, 2020
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a Nomster is a monster that likes to eat (or a kid that likes to eat!).
by Nomster02 May 20, 2021
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Eating food or food itself
Oh billy this nomster is good.
Hold up guys, let me grab a nonster real quick
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What people become when they nom to extent that it starts to take over...O.o
Don't nom too hard! You might become a nomster like your Uncle Bill!
by I. Am. A. Lolcat. March 27, 2012
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