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One who does not associate with the scene community. Easily confused with a halfster.
That guy wearing khaki shorts, loafers, a polo, and a simple silver cross necklace (not ironically!) is a total nonster.
by Adam and May June 01, 2007
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"Nonster" comes from the prefix "non-" such as "non-partisan", or "non-smoker" and suffix "-ster" as applied to words like "hipster" or "trendster".

1. "Nonster", related to "joiner"; a person who indiscriminately joins groups and organizations for some sappy perceived greater good. "Nonster" however delineates towards groups, societies and trends that are against things they fear or disagree with or otherwise view with contempt/social degradation. Such movements as the anti-smoking movement, the anti-gun movement and anti-meat movement. Anyone who seeks to tell other people they can't do something.

2. "Nonster", varietal pejorative, in general being interchangeable with other "-ster" words such as "hipster", "trendster", "snob", etc.
1. "I'd be okay with you smoking if it just involved you, but then there's the second hand element to it and well and you know and but--"

"Get outta my face, nonster."

2. "Ohmigosh like look at her new threadless t-shirt, and did you like hear the new Feist song and did you like see the new iPod commercial?"

"Jesus man... Buncha goddamn nonsters..."
by Christopher Nimmo March 17, 2008
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