The sound one makes when eating something.

Joking with friends when one is talking, to keep them from talking you use "nom"
"Om nom nom nom."

"I'm so mad at--"
"I feed off nerd rage, OM NOM NOM NOM!"
by LinkNomNom April 27, 2009
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A term usually used to describe the noise the cookie monster makes when it eats something. Often used on IM.
Leigh: amgad! nom nom nom, i just ate your nose!

Megan: lolololol
by Megan Geee May 05, 2010
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A feeling of affection towards someone. Can be used to express "yes" or "no", or any response or PDA needed.
Baby, I want to kiss you all over. NOM.
by Cloudz4ever March 04, 2010
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To eat or to show appreciation of good food, or even just food itself.
"Are you going to nom that?"

"Was that nice?"

"Nom nom!"

"I'll be round later, just having some nom"
by Lewis1983 May 19, 2005
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An annoying sound that is made by people as a stupid way for asking food or just enjoying eating food. It's funny at first, but in sucession gets really annoying.


P#1: I just want a mozzeralla stick. God. You don't have to freak out like that.

P#2: You don't have to make that annoying sound everytime you want some food. You are human. You can ask questions.
by CMK633 December 10, 2008
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"A parasitic bug that thrives and breeds in human flesh, normally transplanted from the decaying carcass of a vegemite sandwich due to the nom's survival instinctual adaptation which allows it to survive in vegetable proteins despite being consummated and born into meat protein".
Doctor: "See the physical defects in this patients facial features?"
Bystander: Yes... yes I do... I think I'm going to be sick!"
Doctor: "That's a very common reaction when one first encounters the Noms..."
Bystander: Noms...?
Doctor: "Yes... Noms... a very nasty and politically influential flesh eating parasite, a parasite also capable of mind control if it is able to enter the central cortex of the brain..."
Bystander: " So Obama and Gillard are just..."
Doctor: "Yes... they are Nommified...:
Bystander: "God help us all...!"
by MAB1975 September 09, 2011
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