Noun -- a bigot.
Verb -- to discriminate against someone, to hate someone.

Named for NOM (National Organization for Marriage) a group infamous for their hatred of gay people.
"She's such a NOM. She hates everybody."
by Merlin52 December 05, 2009
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a sound made when discussing food of extreme deliciousness.
Did you taste those cookies my roommate baked? Nom!
by Sharl April 06, 2008
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nom is 2 of 3 words in the phrase "om nom nom" the phrase is really a sound made when eating or mimicing eating. the origen of the sound is a video game made by Valve called Team Fortess 2 (TF2). a special item in the game, a "sandvich" that is obtained by the Heavy class character. when the sandvich is eaten if resores 100% HP and the charactor has a sound entity attached that is a defined sound "om nom nom" the phrase is now used my many tenagers whom have noclue what it even means, so that would make them trolls. in video games the phrase is a symbol for eating or healing.
i'm om nom noming on some popcorn
by 52352532535434 March 23, 2011
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the word for "boobs" in Tai
-I was at a party with some Band-uh kids and this guy motorboated my ex-girlfriend. He kept yelling, "nom nom nom nom nom!"

-Well she does have noms
by matt wants to be a pilot May 03, 2009
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Adj. Food or beverage that tastes good.

Verb. Used when eating something that tastes good.
The pizza was nom.
Nom Nom Nom Nom. (while eating something good)

by Nom Nomagon March 22, 2010
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The National Organization for Marriage, a right-wing group that believes only heterosexual couples should have the right to get married and that all homosexuals should either enter therapy or become chaste.
"NOM's having another political rally next week."
by vicimgd October 16, 2011
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The noise you make when you eat... commonly mistaken for num... BUT ITS NOM OTAY?!
"what are you doing there shannon?"
"eating NOM NOM NOM"
"can i have some?"
"sure lisa"
"*eats* NOM NOM NOM"
by Liiiiiiiiiisa... May 31, 2008
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