Has a large penis compared to other males. Good sense of fashion and humor. Fun to be around, dresses nice but isn't a straight edge motha FUCKA. He will still blast yo bitch ass. If you're a girl you'll know he coming for dat pussy. He isn't afraid to fuck up yo man and then give her a nice big D.
He pulled a Nolan and fucked my girl. But it's cool, he is Nolan

My girl doesn't like when I Nolan (swag)
by Gangbanger4lyfe January 05, 2014
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Nolan's are sexy ass guys. They really care about family and relationships. He can sometimes be jokingly heartless and act violent but he wouldn't hurt a fly. He can be cocky and LOVES to talk. He needs to be with a listener.
Nolan! Stop talking!!!

But I have more to tell you!!

I know but I have to go!

Don't leave me!!!
by Manoman October 15, 2013
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Male: One dope nigga. Loves to shnook it up with his boys. He's a hard ten. Often gets hot bitches, especially older ones. His favorite activities include partying, hot-boxing cars, and hanging with super hot bitches such as Ashlynne. Has a hella sick jew fro thats red, and no chest hair. Has good music taste, and gets pussy 24/7. On occasion gives cum shots to the eye.
Oh my gosh your dating Nolan? I'd kill to give him dome.
by thatHOTbitchASH July 03, 2011
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Nolan is funny, outgoing, crazy, and a very handsome boy with blue eyes that light up the night, and the warmest smile that makes winter feel like summer. Everyone wants to be around him. There’s no soul in the world who doesn’t love him the first time they meet him. He always looks on the bright side of things but is convinced he’s the devil.
Nolan is the best

Nolan is funny .

Nolan is handsome .

Nolan is my brother.
by Nolan Pearson October 17, 2017
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He is really cute, smart, funny, athletic, weird, and talented. Often loves baseball. He would do anything he could imagine for the people he loves. He is very thoughtful and generous. If he wants something, he will go for it.
¨Did you see that Nolan guy who just walked by... He is really cute!!¨
by unicornlover_00 March 31, 2017
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He has the worlds largest dick in the world and he is the God of all men. Also he gets the chicks no matter what.
Damn Nolan your dick so big!
by Dofer August 18, 2016
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