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A being with a well endowed forhead,

Owner of:
- A mother whom profits from her fem-hole
- A brother whose neck's girth is equivilent to that of his head
- A father who partakes in the sexual act of smurfing
- A brain which manefests the thought process of paedophillia being widely accepted and partakes in said sexually events, badly
- A musically retarded anatomy
- An unsocialble dialect
- A pair of briefs
- A tight pair of camo's
- Immasculine physique
- An asexual thought process
- One fleshy patch where genitals should belong
- An outstanding odour
- A face which ruins ones day, month or year
1) That dude's such a nocky
2) Agggggghhhhhh Nocky
3) Nocky ... is a vagina
by jamsmiricbelmkintsert October 13, 2008
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Small foreheaded idiot that cant wash dishes or count. Also inlove with junjun ;))) likes taco bell, teapot bitch, cant throw for shit. ( yoshi asf ) - thinks everyones an animal, loves cats, "water is wet", laughs like a dying flamingo/donkey/seal, stupid, pussy pussy pussy marijuana-uana, broke her wrist while whipping, liek niall horan, " welkom back to Nocky de Wit", has a haunted house, soon to be possessed, can never laugh or giggle quietly, does the worst impression of her mom, blues clues, liek orange very much, cucumber.
"Nocky, shut up!"
by Junjunlover123 August 26, 2016
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Someone who isn't ocky, like my friend Jaele.
"You know that ocky dude at the gym? He makes me feel nocky as hell."
by Badrats May 22, 2019
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