is a nobby item usually protuding slightly in a nob like fashion.
where is the nobule that goes in my phone headphone hole?
by sirnobulethethird November 05, 2011
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the feeling of elation experienced at the moment when you know that you are to be sexually successful.
She "Let's go into the other room."

He ("I am in a state of nobulation.")
by michael wyatt November 17, 2003
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The rapid movement of a control nob on aperatus
dont nobulate the volume just pick a setting.
by pubgrub October 12, 2006
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As a continuation to my earlier definition:

Someone who is as dedicated to behaving like a nob as Arnold Schwarzenegger is dedicated to Terminating in the "Terminator" Movies.
Martin Hedly acts like such a nob all the time, he's such a nobulator.
by Esteban Tuero June 10, 2004
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