By far the coolest conductor on the face of the Earth. Born in Osaka Japan. Makes frequent use of the words "Sustinution" and "Firmater." Conducts the UWEC Symphony Orchestra. Full name: Nobuyoshi Yasuda.
Nobu rules! By day he conducts, by night he sleds on a cookie sheet!
by Thinny March 29, 2005
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Its what the Romans used to call dumb arse people who roam the street these days
You stupid fucking nobus jokeyus you ate your box,
by Shoot me baby September 24, 2005
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The process during which a certain part of the male anatomy falls out of certain parts of clothing and onto your face
Dan didn’t you perform a Stealthus Nobus on stealth?
by dan stealth lol November 26, 2008
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