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When a guy looks tough, but can't really pull any weight.
dont worry about him man.. he got no flex..
by skeptikalia July 3, 2011
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Showing off your valuables in a non-humble way
Man 1: *drops wallet* shiiiit looks like my 2 bands fell out of my wallet
Man 2: dont be flexing on me like that nigga
by xD-anomaly-Dx July 30, 2017
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A hot young lady doing something hot or looking smoke.
That bia standing next to me on the train was flexing it.
by Mitchell Cooper October 16, 2006
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The act of bragging about money-related things, such as about how much money you have, or about expensive possessions like designer clothing. Often done by young kids and DoucheTubers.
I hate this YouTuber, because all he does is just keep flexing on his fans and then call itcomedy”.
by nlolhere March 24, 2020
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To bother someone that you have more of something or that you are better.
Me: I went to flex on that guy that thought he was better than me
by Barack Obama Did 9/11 October 6, 2017
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To show off all of your shit to people or to act out for attention.
The man was flexing while doing tricks on his bike.
by hå₥ßµrgêr October 20, 2020
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