When something is easy to accompish or takes little effort, when it should be hard

Originally from cycling when it appears you can cycle with no effort, i.e there is 'no chain' needed to turn the pedals
SammyA "Yo bruv, i need to pick up me dole, but the queue is large!"

Ed McD "No chain player, the lady works on the desk, i'll hook you up"
by MikeP_London February 13, 2008
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Following related links on websites like Wikipedia or YouTube until you end up on something completely unrelated to what you were initially looking for.

As a verb: to chain
"I went to look up the Columbia shuttle disaster but after an hour of chaining I somehow ended up on Elizabeth Bathory."

John: Did you get that report done?
Steve: Nope, I wasted the whole night chaining on Wikipedia.
by Xeno_the_Blind April 18, 2008
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Some one whos a the chain wears a chain all the time. They are very rich
by Snazzynazzy3829 December 8, 2022
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"Oh man Liam H and I were going to hang out but then his bitch girlfriend ally said he wasn't allowed too."
"Wow damn hes fucking in chains
by marcthesharkslayer May 5, 2015
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Modern definition: Bling worn around the neck, often made of gold, silver, or platinum. Featured in a Jibbs song.

Traditional definition: Metal links that are locked together to make a strong and flexible line. Chains are typically used for anchors and other places where high loads may be exerted on the line, particularly in large vessels.
"Do your chain hang low
do it wobble to da flo
do it shine in n the light
is it platinum is it gold
could u throw it over ya shoulda
if ya hot it make ya cold
do your chain hang low"
by Ducksoup October 2, 2006
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A rapper's source of power. The sunlight to his birdman. Without a chain of platinum/gold/diamonds/bones, a rapper sloses his ability to drop tight flows over phat beats. The is an absolute necessity, and its importance should not be taken lightly.
Ludacris once said, "Some people ask why there's a skull on my chain, it's 'cause I LOVE gettin' head."
by Don "Magic" Juan June 8, 2006
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To be doing something because you don't have any other choice, or because you are too meek and let someone else make choices for you.
Bob is chained to terrible soap operas every night because his wife always insists they watch them.

Pat is chained to working long hours because he doesn't have the guts to quit his job and get a better one.
by Bloopy July 5, 2006
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