Acting without regard to how others feel or see you. Saying or doing what you want without giving a fuck.
Rob got no chill. He told the crippled kid to run faster and asked the autistic girl if she is retarded
by GloriousDonkeyOfWisdom June 7, 2017
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At this particular moment you’re being extremely reckless
That negro PJ has no chill the way he was talking about Brian's girl last night right in front of him.
by _Stytch April 15, 2013
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1) When someone is over reacting.

2) When someone says something that can and will offend someone without giving a fuck.
1) "Hey Makayla did you turn in the homework assignment we had?"
"Oh shit I forgot! Now I'm gonna get an F on the assignment and ruin my A average and get kicked out of the course and then have to go to summer school and repeat a grade if I don't finish and then flunk out of school and then colleges won't want me because I'm a stupid repeatee so I won't get a degree and'll have to work at McDonald's for the rest of my life or become homeless and live in a box and turn crazy and be driven to heroin by my struggle and then die in my early 40s in the middle of the street. No one would be able to identify me though because of how much the heroin messed up my body. They would just pick up my body and bury me in some random ditch in front of a church."
"(ಠ_ಠ) The fuck?...wha-?... Makayla, you have no chill."

2)"Hey guys, what do you think about moving to New York after highschool?"
" Nobody would want to move to that dump of a city. Its population consist of half Niyada hopeful wannabe broadway show ponies and other half very persistent all-up -in-your-face give-me-money-now homeless people. And the air, it's just a concoction of rat feces, street corner Chinese takeout kitchen gas, and illicit cocaine that you have to breathe every second of the day. 😒"
"😦No New York then.... No chill, Taylor"
by JessimoRW August 27, 2016
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When people type everything in all capital letters.

Your average person who gets salty easily and just loses their temper over the dumbest thing.

When people make their own smiley faces and try to make it a trend but inevitably fail.

When a girl bases her every choice on a single guy she likes.

When people use the word "fam" too much.
"OMG HAHA YOU'RE SO FUNNY." "Dude, you have no chill."
by WorldstarBoss May 29, 2015
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The act of not behaving in a cool manner. Being stupid and/or reckless.

Losing your game and cool points.

Being an obvious ass.
Anthony Lima has no chill the way he let's his on/off girlfriend read his private messages from all his friends.
by radgirl78 February 2, 2016
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No chill can mean different things if you use the term differently, you can say

Lisa for example has "No Chill" meaning she's not being normal or is acting different/crazy. You can also say "No Chill" meaning no chill like no, chill.
"Nah dude no chill"
by JustChristinaHere October 28, 2015
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Example 1:
*wakes mia up at 3am bc toothpaste lid isn't closed*
Example 2: "hey can I hang out with *insert male name* ?" "No he's gonna rape you even tho I don't know him at all or what kind of person he is" "mom you have no chill." "You're grounded"
by directioner 10501 December 23, 2014
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