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The act of delivering honest personal assessment, without any soft peddling ; To deliver bad news directly and without sugar coating;usually with some measure of satisfaction;
"You know I'm your best friend so I'm going to give it to you with no Vaseline- you are an asshole" ; " I just found out about the bank account , and I'm going to give it to you with no Vaseline- we're broke". I got the results of your tests back, and here it is with no Vaseline -you failed"
by wstlngy July 13, 2009
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Being screwed over in a really bad way by another person or organisation
Liam : hey Phil , wondering how court went today? Cant be that bad as you were only working on a roof without scaffolding.
Phil: To be honest Liam I got fucked with no vaseline and they didnt even have the courtesy to give me a reach around
Neil: Really! What's did you get
Phil: £2000 fine 6 month suspended prison sentence and 250 hours community service

Liam: Fuck me, my mate only got 80hrs community service for smacking a copper and a paramedic, hope your arsehole isn't too sore , no vaseline in that courtroom.

Phil: thanks mate, it hurts when I take a poo, doctor thinks it will take 250hrs before the ring stingwill go away.
by Phil1984250 September 25, 2019
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The term given when no lubricant is used while playing butt darts.
When my boyfriend performed anal spelunking on me last night, he used no vaseline and ripped me a new one!
by Steve February 15, 2005
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when some one fucks up, has no luck, makes a mistake, looks like a dumbass and/or a chick gets boned and its dry down there. . . therefore you have. . . No Vaseline. . . Biatch
Shola. . . . Kunal. . . Tottenham. . . Miss Procter. . .
No Vaseline. . .
by Rico Suavez February 09, 2007
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