Was I stupid to love you?
Was I reckless to help?
Was it obvious to everybody else that I'd fallen for a lie?
You were never on my side..
Fool me once, fool me twice.
Are you death or paradise?

Now you'll never see me cry
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The Time when your clock runs out of battery/life
The other day I was playing video games and my clock was basically telling me, "It's Time to Die!"
by vcerabdksfd May 27, 2006
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One of the worst Bond movies. Technically not as poor as Quantum Of Solace and SPECTRE, it’s still pretty rough. The only good parts were the Jamaica and Cuba scenes. Everything else was mediocre at best with an extremely insulting ending that’s a slap in the face for any true Bond fan. It was also too long at nearly 3 hours and had a really lame villain with an incomprehensible plot. It was The Dark Knight Rises of the Daniel Craig Bond movies.
No Time To Die was an utter disappointment and a lackluster ending to the Daniel Craig Bond movie series.
by Snideguy3093 March 3, 2022
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excellent new metalcore band sum bloody excellent songs
every time i die is a must listen to thing!!!!!
by chezza September 10, 2005
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Expression frequently used when working with a slow working computer. From Leon's line in Blade Runner.
Come on, you useless hunk of plastic and silicon, load the sucker! Hurry up and wake up! time to die!
by Fearman November 3, 2007
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Gaming terminology to describe the act of getting killed numerous times over, gifting the other team an easy win.

Often associated with ' You're A Colin '.
Ending the round with double-figure deaths & the solitary kill - it doesn't matter how many times you die
by IDontLikeCreative April 26, 2022
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